DIGITAL LANDSCAPES supports the development of a new model of artistic collaboration between two established artists and OSCA that harnesses the democratic space of the digital world and brings it to the space of site-based participatory art practice.

ABOUT: Digital Landscapes explores the potential of user-friendly, COVID safe digital technologies that encourage new ways of thinking and working with diverse individuals, voices and approaches. The vector-based technology offers an unprecedented ability to seamlessly create layered works using images, drawings, texts, GPS and reference maps, zoom in to detail and then expand and print in large-scale formats without any loss. This shift in access to such user-friendly mobile technologies with high-end outcomes supports the potential of community-based processes between artist and non-artists to greater levels of professional production and creative capacity.

Since 2021, OSCA has initiated a series of accessible workshops in Pinnaroo and Adelaide. These have lead to a series of site-based outcomes by Laura Wills / Nightlines and Rosina Possingham / Prospect Paste Up, as part of the 2022  Nature Festival

Rosina Possingham is a multi-disciplinary artist, designer and photographer creating large-scale drawings and maps through the extensive use of digital and software programs.

Laura Wills works across the discipline of drawing through paint, mapping, installation, and projected light drawing for live performances.

This project is supported by The Department of Premier and Cabinet Arts Recovery Fund.

IMAGE by Laura Wills. Title – Pakapakanthi / Victoria Park