Daniele Poidomani is a giant puppets’ designer, maker, performer and director and has worked extensively at international events in countries across Europe, Asia and South America.

In his ongoing collaboration with the Snuff Puppets company since 1998 Daniele has also covered the roles of director and artistic director for People Puppets Projects’ shows in Australia and internationally.

As artistic director and lead designer and builder he has worked for The Falls festival’s Fiesta Parade form 2007 to 2011.

Daniele has been associate artist of Snuff Puppets for a number of years and is currently on The Village Festival’s board. His continuing involvement with the Village spans over a wide range of roles from designer of venues to production manager and performer since the festival’s inception.

Amongst others Daniele has worked for several companies both in Australia (Polyglot Puppet Theatre, Regurgitator, AAO, The Town Bikes, Aphid, Somebody’s Daughter) and overseas (Tuida -S. Korea, Point of View –Macau, Papermoon –Indonesia, Galerie Knap -Netherlands)