Emma started making shows for her mum in her bedroom when she was 6. Sincethen, she has graduated from Flinders Drama Centre and gone on to become anactor and theatre maker across many genres. She works all over sunny Australia and regularly works in the cold Denmark. In the past 7 years, Emma has performed and created& performed in new works with Carte Blanche (DK), Group 38 (DK), Teatro del los Sentidos (BCN), Sarah John, Corey McMahon, Tessa Leong, Glenn Hayden, Real TV, Patch, Julian Hobba, Monkey Baa & Playwriting Australia. She regularly pesents new work for The Last Tuesday Society in Melbourne, and Cab Sav in Sydney. She’s been in several local films working with Holly Owen & Closer Productions, and was the host of the television series Artshow with ABC & the Australia Network. Emma is a proud founding member of the Australian Bureau of Worthiness, a residency model that creates theatre from interviews conducted with people on the street, asking ‚ What makes your day worth it?‚ Emma also plays Fatima alongside Stephen Sheehan in Dating the World‚ Emma’s new work, Homage to Uncertainty, received the Melbourne Fringe Tour Ready Award at the Adelaide Fringe, 2013.

Emma was Artist in Residence at Open/Space between February-July 2013.

During this time Emma underwent research and development of various performance based projects which will have outings in the coming months around Australia and at the Open/Space launch in September.

Emma seeded and discussed new work projects and processes with the Open/Space AD for the 2014 program, including clothing/cloning/renaming and the Payneham Rd project.