Lukus is contemporary theatre maker, creative producer/director and digital artist who studied at Dartington College of Arts/Falmouth University. He is fascinated with articulating stories about site, focusing on composing immersive experiences and working with the dramaturgies of place. His work has always been about taking the audience on a multi-sensory journey, both indoors and outside.

His professional debut project¬†Now We Can Talk¬†had a sold out season at the 2014 Adelaide Fringe Festival and won the John Chataway Innovation Award and a weekly award for best Theatre as well as receiving five star reviews. In 2013 his interests focused on different mediums of storytelling, he enjoys creating platforms for audiences to participate and tell their story through conversational performance. In 2011 Lukus worked with International Artists’ Blast Theory as an intern and undertook residency at the Pervasive Media Studio where he experimented with locative technologies to fuse Performance and Pervasive Media. He is also a method performer for film and stage.