MEG WILSON is an Adelaide-based interdisciplinary artist who works predominantly with large-scale and often site-specific installation and performance. She aims to provoke imposed perplexity, uneasiness and a sense of drama in the everyday, through explorations of performativity of space and audience encounter with the ordinary, within the context of the out-of-the-ordinary.

Meg has exhibited independently with BLINDSIDE, VIC; Constance ARI, TAS; and Format, Fontanelle, Nexus Arts and FELTspace (SA). She is a former co-director of FELTspace ARI. Meg regularly collaborates with performers Ashton Malcolm and Josephine Were. Recent works include You Will Only Ever Be Any Good if You Can Run the Marathon, an endurance feat performed at the Contemporary Art Centre of SA (2015), Team Trampoline (FELTspace, 2016), and Sometimes I…, a performance in development for teenage girls.

As a designer for theatre she has worked with Vitalstatistix, Foul Play, Carclew, No Strings Attached, Act Now and Restless Dance, working with artists such as Mish Grigor, Willoh S.Weiland, Halcyon Macleod, Gaelle Mellis, Geoff Cobham and Michelle Ryan. Throughout 2016 Meg was Lead Artist intern with experimental theatremakers, THE RABBLE. Projects for 2017 include the development of new work SQUASH! at Vitalstatistix, and artistic residencies with STCSA and the Adelaide Festival Centre InSpace program.