Mona Khizam is a filmmaker, writer and artist. Adelaide-born and raised, Mona has recently returned to Australia after 18 years in South East Asia and 12 in Europe. Having lived and worked in a dozen countries, Mona is intrigued by questions of identity, the meaning and place of art in our lives, ‘ ownership ‚Äò of public spaces and the importance of nurturing community. Her project Gardens Don’t Lie is the culmination of a body of work that spans three decades and features various writings and documentary films about how we live our lives.

Recent and upcoming works include; Tea Tree Gully Stories/ an oral history documentary involving residents in the process of film making while their sharing of memories provided content, support by the City of Tea Tree Gully; Gallery Yampu Open Mic Film Café, a community film event in May and June 2016 in Port Adelaide and supported by the Port Adelaide Enfield Council; North Eastern Girrrls Film Bootcamp a project where young women of diverse backgrounds were taught filmmaking skills in order to be able to contribute their voices to the public discussion of things of importance to them. Supported by the Port Adelaide Enfield Council & 2BEACHES: FutureIslandNation, an OSCA associate artist project lead by Dario Vacirca, that examines the geo-politics of Australian culture, identity and issues of migration and belonging. Work in progress screenings are to take place in Sept 2016 and final project will premiere in Adelaide, 2017.