Commissioned project for the 2013 Woodford Folk Festival

In 2013 OSCA artists Daniele Poidomani and Matthew Plummer created The Monsters Project in partnership with the one of Australia’s largest and most iconic events – Woodford Folk Festival.

The artists led a team of many in creating Three Giant Monster Puppets which were developed from drawings by children who were asked to describe their MONSTER! A public exhibition of the drawings was held to select the three drawings that the team best thought would make amazing puppet monsters.

These puppets were transformed over an intensive three weeks and were performed by a team of volunteers and the child who originally conjured their monster!

The three monster puppets were featured in Moolaba as well as the Woodford Opening Ceremony the daily festival program and the Fire Event.

December 2013

Original Concept: Joey Ruigrok

Artistic Director: Daniele Poidomani

Artist: Matt Plummer

Produced: OSCA and Woodford Folk Festival