SPIN SOLO / SPIN DOUBLE – Durational performance & Video Installation

Conceived and designed by Paul Gazzola

Spin Solo / Spin Double combines ideas about living gods on earth and the rejuvenating / transformational aspect of spinning associated with the spiritual ritualism of Sufism. Duration: 1 – 6 hours

This DIY entertainment in an arcade style set-up has the kind of magic that only simple, comprehensible technology can. Erin Brannigan, REALTIME DEC 2002

Initially conceived as scenography for a larger work, this project has been presented in galleries and outdoors since 2012 in Australia and internationally. The work has seen a myriad of onlookers actively spending time watching or attempted to spin themselves.

Spin Solo/Spin Double was presented by OSCA in 2013 as part of the Adelaide Council, Unexpected City initiative across 4 different locations in the Adelaide CBD.