Talking Adelaide is community media in its most fundamental form. Conceived of by independent film maker and community film teacher, Mona Khizam, Talking Adelaide is unique in its beautiful simplicity and its extensive reach into various diverse communities i.e.

1) The community groups that produce the films

2) The community groups that are featured in the films

3) The community groups that will see the films

Talking Adelaide is local and topical. It allows all sorts of people to begin conversations about things that matter in Adelaide today.

How does it work?  In a nutshell, women are taught how to make short films : about their lives, about the lives of others or simply about issues that are important to them. These 15minute films are then aired on community t.v. and screened at various community events like SAGA Adelaide : WIFF(Women’s International Film Festival).

Talking Adelaide has a strong focus on social justice and the democratisation of media. It is also very much about fighting the digital divide so that normally silent groups can say what they want – and need – to say. So, Talking Adelaide is about film, digital literacy, community, diversity, inclusion and creating – rather than just passively consuming – media. Talking Adelaide is also about joy – the joy found in creativity, working collaboratively, making culture, having your say and creating community.

The first 2 films – Without a roof over our heads and Rich Soul, Poor Soul are being screened on Channel 44, Monday December 28th at 9pm.