“How can Pinnaroo become the healthiest town possible – through artistic creative expression?”

The Pinnaroo Project is a ground-breaking arts and health initiative that aims to improve the health and wellbeing of the Pinnaroo community through a range of arts and cultural activities. OSCA AD Paul Gazzola has been invited to coordinate the artistic program that will be the primary vehicle for the Pinnaroo community to improve and maintain their health.

The project will involve the artists, cultural development practitioners collaborating with health professionals, researchers and most importantly with the Pinnaroo Community across three key activity streams. In conjunction with the anticipated creative outcomes all of the activity will focus on health and wellbeing outcomes and an evaluation and research framework will be embedded in the project – ensuring the project’s impact is measured and documented.

Providing significant benefits for the local community, The Pinnaroo Project also has the potential to influence policy and programming in relation to health and wellbeing in regional Australia.  Ultimately the Pinnaroo Project is interested in creating a body of evidence that is influential and relevant for health, care and arts industries.