TOWN CROSSINGS –  performance/mapping project that invites people to take a Frisbee and make a journey

Project collaboration with Nadia Cusimano

Town Crossings is an ongoing experimental mapping project that invites participants (players) to take a Frisbee and make a journey around the town they live in. Players are encouraged to warm up at the Frisbee Golf Course and then head off. Each player is then asked to return and mark their route on a large-scale map of the town that forms part of the exhibited works. An accompanying GPS extends the recording of these meandering trajectories and is screened in a digital format during each event. Players are also asked to photographically capture their haphazard pathways, acts of territorial transgression, incidental conversations and playful exchanges invoked by throwing a passer-by a Frisbee. These stories and images, form part of an evolving collection of over 70 plus journeys made in Australia and internationally since 2015.

By encouraging participation as an open and flexible apparatus, TOWN CROSSINGS engages with play & playfulness as a way to collectively produce new understandings of where we live.

Originally commissioned by Performing Mobilities. Curated by Mick Douglas as part of the 2015 PSI International event, Fluid States, Melbourne


2015 / Performing Mobilities, VIC

2015 / 10th Mildura Palimpsest Biennale, NSW

2016 / Fontanelle Gallery, SA

2017 / Cementa 17, NSW

2017/ Junction Arts Festival, TAS