Everyone is invited to participate in an interview-based artwork that explores the differences and similarities in the local Onkaparinga community.

Over 3 weeks in April/May 2015 at the Colonnades Shopping Centre, the artists Belle Bassin & Dario Vacirca created a multi art exhibition that engaged passers by and invited guests to respond to a series of questions, provocations and tasks. Each week they focussed around a particular idea, producing a series of outcomes across video, audio, sculpture and performance. Exposing each participant’s desires for what comes next and their relationship to the unknown.

As part of PLACELAB15: NOARLUNGA, curated by Paul Gazzola & Nadia Cusimano. Funded by the City of Onkaparinga. Between April and May of 2015, two artists teams created public art projects within the Colonnades Shopping Centre & Ramsay Place that invited the local community to take part. PLACELAB15: NOARLUNGA highlighted the multi-dimensional makeup of histories that forms the community of Onkaparinga through the evolving collection of video and audio recordings, created objects, drawings and performances that became a contemporary mapping of the cultural identity of people in the area.

For more info go to http://placelab-noarlunga.blogspot.com.au/