My art practice includes visual art and contemporary performance with participatory inclusion. I have generated an array of projects across visual art, installation, public art and worked in collaboration with various artists. In the last two years my work has been included in exhibitions both in Adelaide and Europe, for example: HER NAME, curated by Andrew Purvis at Adelaide Central, and Die Andere Geschichte(n) at Kuenstlerhaus Wien, a participatory project and performance curated by G.Oberhollenzer. The 2018 SALA prize winning video Peri Urban Progress is currently being exhibited at Adelaide Festival Centre.

The input of everyday experience has led me to develop public interventions and performances, with much of my current work set in urban and suburban environments. My work Double Check pushes coexisting daily chores and art practice to the absurd. For my Peri Urban Progress series, I journey through Adelaide’s periphery, walking on chairs as my transportation method, inviting people to sit and talk with me. Last Name searched for the hidden messages behind shopfronts and first names, as I collected women’s first names that are displayed on shopfronts, as an urban representation of female presence, and I interviewed people about their connections to their given names.