Described as “The definitive fringe experience” by the Adelaide Theatre Guide

Now We Can Talk had a sold out, award winning season at the 2014 Adelaide Fringe. Audiences were invited to go beneath the Adina Treasury Tunnels to witness an immersive theatre experience that would take you on a personalised, emotional journey through a series of explicitly human experiences. Audience members were not passive throughout the program, but drawn deep within the show’s make-up, divulging their own secrets, lies, loves, regrets and goals. Using information gleaned from the audience, the performers constructed improvised scenes in real-time involving everyone present to explore different facets of personality and emotion. Through this, it was evident that these strata of human experience are not unique to just the audience members, but universally experienced through the toil of our everyday. Now We Can Talk is the brainchild of English-born producer, theatre-maker and new media artist Lukus Robbins.

“You’ll emerge still mentally absorbed in the piece and looking at the world around you a little differently. If nothing else, isn’t that what theatre should achieve”

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