PROJECTS OF THE EVERYDAY is OSCA’s ongoing commissioning program that seeds, develops and presents artist-led projects in in innovative spaces of creativity, making and experimentation.

Through a model responsive to to local ideas and situations, PROJECTS OF THE EVERYDAY offers innovative South Australian artists long term support to research, create and present participatory and community engaged projects in the area where they live. The diverse project outcomes highlight OSCA’s interest to develop new forms of artistic engagement and participation in the public domain.

CURRENT PROJECTS – 2022 to 2026

Lartelare by Aunty Margaret Brodie & Jennifer Eadie

Lartelare is a First Nations led, place-responsive mapping and large-scale textile-based artwork that will be created on Yarta-Puulti, Kaurna Country. Through interconnected acts of ‘gentle resistance’, grounded in care and respect, Aboriginal women are invited to come together and share stories as a powerful interruption of colonial narrative and complacency. Lartelare will premiere at the 2023 Tarnanthi Festival at Gallery Yampu and the Waterside Workers Hall in partnership with Vitalstatistix.


Deep Excavation by Wongutha, Ndjau, Mirning, Noongar, Wirengu, Bulang, Gubrun, Barngarla artist Shania Richards & Susan Charlton

Deep Excavation is a performance-installation project delving into the city’s streets, architectures and hidden spaces of Tarntanya/Adelaide. Deep Excavation will take participants on a walking tour  that experiments with storytelling, contested histories and speculative futures. This next stage builds upon a prototype tour developed by the artists during the City Mobilities workshops in 2021 which reimagined the city and its artefacts as an archaeological dig for the Failed Society — a previously unknown attempt at Western society. The public will be invited to question what they know and explore the CBD with a new lens.


Kingston Weaving by Boandik artists Sonya, Sarah and Suzy Smith

Kingston Weaving is a large-scale First Nations led, community weaving project that will take place across the Limestone Coast region of Southeast South Australia. Focussing on the cultural representation of animal totems and the local environment, a long-term community activation will take place with local participants towards the creation of a large-scale outcome.


Time and Space by Alison Currie & Ade Suharto

Time and Space (working title) aims to connect and transform the experience of engaging with Parndo Yerta/Charles Cane Reserve. What if this community space was considered an art’s field as opposed to a sports field? How might dance artists collaborate with community bodies, sports clubs, dog walkers and park regulars to amplify and expand George Andric’s sculpture, Time and Space.


Bestowed by Cynthia Schwertsik

Bestowed is a performance installation that will explore the burden of unwanted, inappropriate or ‘poisonous’ gifts – and the social and practical complexities involved in their bestowing, receiving or discarding. It will reflect and expand upon the value of the gifts and advice we receive, and explore how gift-giving has changed or changes with different phases of life.


A Monument to Triggs Two by Henry Jock Walker

A Monument to Triggs Two celebrates and encourages creative thinking around and through surfing. It uses the iconic Triggs surf car park in the City of Onkaparinga, as the site to engage the local community in a series of long-term environmentally focussed open studio workshops exploring elements of art, surf culture, creativity, local history, seaweed information, conservation and the environment.



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Creek Lore by Laura Wills was a weekend of guided walks along First Creek involving the community to discusses public and private land ownership and share their ideas and experiences of First Creek. Outcome in May 2017.

Foragers, Weed Gardens and Gatherings (FWG) – Through a series of community focused workshops, gatherings, foraging expeditions, recipe exchanges and art events, FWG explored and celebrated contemporary/historical knowledge and use of local, native and imported vegetables, flowers, weeds and greens.  Outcome in Nov 2017. A self published booklet on the event titled FINDERS SHARERS is available for purchase here.

Gardens Don’t Lie…by Mona Khizam is a contemporary documentary art video work which explores how our gardens can reveal the truth about our values, our finances and the lives we lead. The first version was filmed in Salisbury, Elizabeth Grove and Parkside with a 2nd version made in partnership with the City of Onkaparinga.

GUITARCHESTRA by Matthew Timmis  was an inter-generational electric guitar ensemble conceived and led by composer Matthew Timmis that premiered at the 2021 Adelaide Guitar festival. The work engaged over 60 amateur guitarists from 7 top 70 in the creation of an immersive multi-phonic, sound work. Supported by the City of Port Adelaide Enfield and the Adelaide Guitar Festival.

OTHER PROJECTS in development

THE JETTIES PROJECT explores a series of metropolitan jetties as sites for participatory and socially engaged art events.

LOCAL SITES by Margin Medlin explores a series of contentious and undefined spaces in the SW corner of the City of Adelaide. In consultation with her neighbours and other local residents, Margie asks questions about how these spaces of indeterminacy can become sites for actions and events.